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I rushed through the game, but that still gave me time to gather some decent gear, decent super attacks, and by the end, I had found a pretty broken set. Three pieces of armor that granted passive regeneration, slow yet better than nothing, a few attachments that gave me health for kills and one with a high chance of healing on any hit, I was functionally unstoppable. If I’d have grinded in niflheim, I’m sure I could have eventually gotten more self heal abilities with good stat buffs, but I didn’t need it for the final boss.

As far as characters, I might finally buy the game once they either hand out the DLC, or once they hand out New Game+ in a patch. I say that because it feels like there either will be a sequel, thus rendering some of the hub spokes foreshadowing, or they’ll DLC the rest of it in over time. I had fun, but the ending felt kind of anticlimactic. Thus, you only hear about most major characters, and there’s still a lot of the Norse Pantheon probably mad at Kratos. But, Kratos had plenty of characterization, Atreus had a good arc, and the third member of the party tended to steal the spotlight with some remarks. Tangentially related, what is it with Kratos collecting heads that are at least slightly alive?

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